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| OCTOBER 2018
For more information about our monthly
healthcare events, please speak to one of
our dedicated advisors, who can help you
chose the suitable event and consultant for
your needs. Call
01184 022 855.
Our next event:
Wednesday 10th October 2018 from 18.30
with Mr Ed Sideso, Consultant Vascular Surgeon
and Wednesday November 14th from 18.30
with Mr Patrick Chong, Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Vein Treatment:
Free Information Event
Come along and meet our Vascular Surgeons, who
treatment. You will also have the opportunity to ask
questions and discuss cases with our specialist.
The Berkshire
Independent Hospital
Aspire Laser Hair Removal
Safe and effective on all skin tones
Suitable for all areas of the body
Aspire to be hair free!
Permanent reduction
Scientifically proven
Latest technology
Dedicated to delivering the best in aesthetics
0118 931 3575
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