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Henley Life’s
Vivienne M. Clark took up
Pilates Reformer earlier this year and
explains how it can offer more than toned
muscles and improved fitness levels.
As well as a fantastic way to quickly get in
shape, Pilates improves concentration and
relaxes the mind, similar to the after-effects of
an intense yoga session.
In the 1920s, physical trainer Joseph Pilates
introduced Pilates as a way to help injured
athletes and dancers safely return to exercise
and maintain their fitness.
Since then, Pilates has been adapted to suit
all sorts of people from complete beginners to
professional athletes, pregnant women and
I was initially attracted to Pilates Reformer* as
a low-impact form of exercise. I love yoga but
felt that the reformer machine would help to
protect and strengthen my shoulder muscles,
particularly as I’d had a injury in the past.
The local Nubodi Pilates Reformer classes are
held at the studio, No Limits, and I really like
the friendly, relaxed atmosphere.
There’s a good mix of different shapes, sizes
and abilities and the highly trained,
experienced instructors take care to manage
every individual’s concerns and needs.
My personal goal was for the Pilates
Reformer to help stretch and lengthen
muscles and counteract the effect of long
periods sitting at a computer.
Cardio work encourages weight loss, but I
like that the Pilates Reformer alone has vastly
improved my strength and flexibility in a
relatively short period.
Pilates requires concentration and focus in
finding a centre point to control your body as
you move through precise ranges of motion.
Each exercise has a prescribed placement,
rhythm and breathing pattern.
After each class I feel in better shape,
mentally refreshed and acutely aware of my
posture, ready to begin yet another session
on the laptop.
* The Pilates Reformer (pictured above) is a
moveable carriage that you push and pull
along its tracks. Movements work against
spring-loaded resistance to help get precise
results. In each class you move through a
slow, sustained series of exercises using
abdominal control and proper breathing
focusing on the quality of each posture.
for wellbeing
NuMummies and Bodibabies
Nubodi Pilates have some exciting
news... Introducing NuMummies and
Bodibabies -- the new prenatal and
postnatal exercise class arrives in Henley
this month.
Their fully trained instructors will focus
on exercises specially designed for the
changing female body during this
special time.
Prenatal Class Wednesday 12pmwith
This hour-long, gentle reformer class has
been formulated to aid with a growing
bump, supporting the pelvic floor,
abdominals and spine.
The pregnancy-friendly exercises will
keep bodies strong and supple and best
prepared for birth and a quick recovery.
It’s the perfect place to meet other
expectant mothers. Suitable from 14
weeks onwards.
Postnatal Class Friday 1.30pmwith Nicky.
This low-impact reformer class focuses
on the principles of Pilates with an
emphasis on
the lower
abdominals and
pelvic floor
birth, which can
remedy common
problems like
pelvic prolapse
and diastasis
This class is
suitable for all,
whether Mums
want to get back
in shape or are
just trying
something new.
No babysitter? No problem! Babies are
welcome to join in the fun. Mums need
to have been signed-off by their doctor
before attending the course, at least six
weeks post-partum following a natural
birth or eight weeks following a
Classes start fromWed Oct 10 and Friday
October 12. Free parking is available.
Contact Carine Moffatt for more
information or to book
Tel: 07957 982502
Picture top shows Nubodi Pilates Reformer
staff. L to R: Sophie, Riko, Carine, Nicky,
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