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We can make a huge difference to a room by
simply changing one wall colour , wallpaper or
adding a new fabric covering to a cushion or
statement piece. Here’s a few of the biggest
trends to try this Autumn:
Velvet Florals
Autumn florals encompass plush, deep fabrics
such as velvet on furniture with floral
surroundings in Autumn andWinter colours.
Try a palette of dusky pinks and warm neutrals
to create a cosy feel.
Retro 1970s
Retro always seems to be in fashion because
there are so many eras to choose from, but
the 1970s are very “now”. The Rug Seller says,
“Autumn/Winter’s take on the 1970s trend is
clear about its origins yet mellow and
sophisticated. A touch of paisley, mid-
century furniture and a brown or orange rug
on stripped back floorboards look chic and
effortless.” And don’t forget the shag pile.
Another key trend for this time of year is
Mexicana with a nod to Frida Kahlo, and The
Day of the Dead (Halloween). There is no
doubt that the hot colours of Mexico are also
likely to brighten up a dull Autumn day.
Cacti, skulls and traditional Huichol patterns
are the nod to the origins along with texture
and rich colour such as red and orange tones
alongside deep greens. Animal hide is
another way to introduce the look whether it
is on the floor or in faux patterned wallpaper.
Left to right: A textured rug from The Rug Seller
), Arthouse Vintage Bloom
wallpaper in Raspberry from I Want Wallpaper, £10.99 a
roll, Holden Decor Cactus Wallpaper from I Want
Wallpaper £12.99 a roll.
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