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Charle Snowden
harlotte Snowden is a familiar face at
events around Henley as she has
established herself over the past 12
years as an event photographer.
She grew up on the family farm near
Checkendon with her parents, Lavinia and
Paul Fenton.
She left for Australia the day after her 18th
birthday to go travelling – and stayed for 16
She established herself as a press
photographer Down Under, and also
developed her love of racing motorcycles.
Charlotte returned home 12 years ago, and
established her own photography business.
She now lives next door to her mother with
her daughter Audrey, 12, and son Sam, 10, and
their ponies Hobnob and Gladiator.
Charlotte’s work includes weddings, portraits,
families outdoors, horse photography, school
photography and motorbikes. She mainly
works outdoors in the woodland around her
Charlotte is also a member of Britain’s only
female endurance racing motorcycle team.
What brought you to Henley, why do you
My family have been in Henley for many years,
my great grandparents are buried at Trinity
Church and my grandmother at Remenham. I
love this whole area and wouldn’t want to
move anywhere else at this time.
What would you change about Henley?
I would ideally like more parking. It’s the only
thing that stops me coming into town more.
Otherwise I don’t think I would change
anything about it. I like the fact that it seems a
more working mum-type area and it is still
down to earth.
How do you spend your leisure time
I ride ponies with my daughter from our small
holding near Checkendon, and I keep fit by
running in the woodland and doing lots of
yoga in my garden.
Where are your top local haunts?
I like to go to Stoke Row Store – that’s my
favourite during the day, it’s a lovely café and
they are very nice people. But in the evening,
The Little Angel and other local pubs such as
The Cherry Tree at Stoke Row and The New Inn
in Kidmore End.
Which song would you pass down to your
children/godchildren/nieces or nephews?
Dancing Queen
– it is just one of those
songs that whenever it comes on everyone
dances with their hands in the air. It just
reminds you of good times.
Which book film or play inspires you the
Anything by Santa Montefiore. I read all her
What do you treasure most about life in the
I love the seasons. It amazes me we can have
weather in the minus one month and over 25
degrees the next. The colours in all seasons
are just wonderful.
I also love how you can travel a short distance
and hear a completely different accent.
I lived in Australia for 16 years and I missed
the seasons and accents.
But if you could live anywhere else in the
world, where would it be?
South America. I have not been, but it is the
next on the list.
I love the whole Latin thing of dancing ‘til late
at night, the spiritualness of it, the diversity of
the whole land, the people.
Is there anyone or anything in the area that
you admire, would recommend or deserves
a special mention?
Stoke Row Store and the people who run it,
they work very hard. Also me!
The area is very villagey and Checkendon
does not even have a shop anymore and just a
mile fromme now you can have a lovely cup
of tea and meet friends.
If you could turn back time, what would you
do differently?
Everything that has happened to me has
happened for a reason, so I learn from that
experience and try to be or do better next
Which things do you wish you had known
when you were younger?
I wish I’d had foresight and hindsight!
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