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“Professor Levy gave me a “new life” with his marvellous shoulder replacement”
says 89 years old Annie Stone, following her very successful Verso reverse total shoulder
replacement 3 years ago.
“In 2015, I was a very different person. I was 85,
very disabled due to Polio in 1955, Stroke in 2010,
bad arthritis in my knee and in my left shoulder
which left me in constant pain.”
“Within 3 months following the Verso total shoulder
replacement operation I was free of pain and could
use my arm and shoulder fully!”
“Now, in October 2018, 3 years on, I am 89 years
old, I am free of pain and can use my arm and
shoulder fully! -
I am glad to tell anyone what a
difference the Verso shoulder has made to my
life! - I have got a “new life” and I am enjoying
it to full!”
Annie Stone
Do you have shoulder pain?
Have you injured your shoulder in sports?
Is shoulder pain limiting your function?
Does it stopping you enjoying your sports and hobbies?
Prof. Ofer Levy & his team at the
Reading Shoulder Unit
, the
International Centre of
Excellence for shoulder and elbow surgery
are here to help diagnose and treat your
Avoid the wait and delay and start your treatment immediately with our “One Stop Clinic” -
initial consultation, X-rays, Ultrasound scan and treatment plan - at an affordable price.
The Reading Shoulder Unit offers this
new immediate access and rapid diagnosis
uninsured patients at the
Berkshire Independent hospital.
Just book your appointment direct with the secretaries and you will be seen without delay.
Call: 0118 9028116
Website: readingshoulderunit.com
The Berkshire Independent Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care
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