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| JANUARY 2019
It is widely recognised that happiness,
fulfillment and peace comes from the
inside. Many of us carry deeply imbedded
issues in our psyche that prevent us
operating to our full potential. Henley’s
motivational mentor Emma Jane Taylor
has written a self help book for the
everyman. Cindy Burrowes spoke to her
about her own motivation, and why we all
need to learn to ‘speak our truth’.
To ‘speak our truth’ is to state the facts from
our innermost perspective, and it is realising
this that has enabled Emma Jane to stand on
a platform and be her true self, both
metaphorically and physically.
Two years ago she realised that if she faced
her fears, and shared them, her experiences
would help others who were facing
difficulties. Her book,
Don’t Hold Back
is the
Time to speak
your truth...
Emma Jane self-published her book (which
is available on Amazon) as a tool for
everyone else to use. It starts with her
childhood when a stranger sexually abused
her when she was nine years old on a family
holiday. But she never shared her story with
her family as a child.
At the age of 12 her biological father, whom
she idolised and loved, cut her off. She
became a troubled child and in High School
she was seeing a child psychologist, but was
labelled a ‘juvenile delinquent.’
Subsequently she fell into a sexually
abusive relationship with an older man who
controlled her for years. In order to cope
with the situation she resorted to excessive
drinking, drug using and became addicted
to laxatives and painkillers, she was also
bulimic and often truant from school.
She was 23 when she began her ‘recovery
years,’ when she realised she needed to
change her life. She began therapy and
started up her first business.
She has not even taken a headache tablet
since, and launched herself into the healthy
world of fitness.
“Most people thought I would be dead by
the time I was 21. It’s a cry for help, right? I
was crying for help a lot but I didn’t know
how to cope with it.
“I had always wanted to dance, but I was
told ‘you will never be a dancer, you are a
party animal’,” said Emma-Jane, “so I stepped
away from socialising, drinking, other
activities and started dancing and fitness
Her life is now very healthy as she knows all
too well the importance of it, and imparts
that to others through her health and
wellbeing businesses.
This began with E-Js Dance and Fitness (tap
and dance classes for adults) when Emma-
Jane was 24; she was also a cabaret dancer.
In 2000 she opened StageWorks Performing
Arts School for children. Then she moved
into the fitness world.
She is now a professional business woman,
running a series of lifestyle businesses.
Don’t hold back
documents her life to
illustrate that an individual can come back
from ‘the brink’ and how to do it. Her chapter
titles include Getting your Life Back,
Reconnecting, Forgiveness and Finding your
She lists questions to help the reader to dig
into their inner selves more effectively, and
to face the truths from which many of us
hide away. Her tools include the Life Bubble
and the Voice Bubble (a little like mind
“I want people to read my book if they are
anxious, stressed or worried. There are lots of
things in there for everyone. I want you to
find your voice, live in your truth.”
Her moment of truth came when she had to
speak in front of 300 people at the Venus
Awards ceremony in 2017, the Oscars for
Working Women.
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