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| JANUARY 2019
Emma Jane,
aka The Motivational
Mentor’s, top five tips to
make things
happen in 2019
1. Forgiveness is key to our success in every way shape
and form. If you can let go and move away from the
bitterness and anger you can grow and become more
productive as a person.
It is exhausting having anger towards others. It affects
everything you do. Why are you holding on so tightly? Is
it changing your life for the better and making you feel
good? Probably not.
Forgiveness is hard, there is a great chapter in my book
all about forgiveness and the power this gives you.
2. Be with the right people, give yourself energy by
surrounding yourself with positivity and kindness.
We all know people that drain us and make us feel
deflated, bring us down. But who is allowing that? If you
are unable to confront the situation, then step back
from it.
Let them go with kindness and 'metaphorically push'
them away from your inner circle of strength, ring fence
your life with the right people, things and situations and
give yourself strength and focus to live in the right
3. Find your voice. What does it want to say? After you
have let go and forgiven, you can surround yourself with
positive people and then listen to what you want to say,
what is your word? What would you like to share, to
improve your life? What is missing? Who is holding you
back and why?
Finding our voice is powerful. I found mine after many
years of hiding behind business and life. Now I am
present and strong, because I have passion in my voice.
What are you passionate about and why?
4. Challenges are lessons, we all need them. They scare
us they make us question everything we do. It is this
energy that strengthens us. Gives us confidence. You
can do it, you are able and it is a lesson. Don't be afraid
to face your fear and use the education to improve your
life, your outlook and your voice.
5. Making things happen comes from the power within
us to make the changes. Without a focus, drive or
confidence it is very hard for a lot of people to stand up,
be heard (not just listened to).
But remember you DO have a voice and you DO have
the ability, you are capable. Maybe you need to shift life
around, move boundaries, but this is all fine and in
doing so you will discover who you are, what it is you
are looking to achieve and what has been holding you
back. Make 2019 your strongest year yet!
Pick up your copy of Don't Hold Back – it’s available
for £9.99 on Amazon.com or from
“I was doing everything I loved doing, but behind that I have this whole life
story and I know the importance of living in your truth,” she explained.
“The moment I faced my fears, lived my truth and spoke up, people related to
me. My book has helped people tell their partners stories they have never told
them,” said Emma-Jane.
“Most abused people think they are the only ones in the world while it is
happening, and so the best thing we can do is speak out to let other people
know they are not the only ones.“
And with her new-found openness, Emma-Jane has forgiven her perpetrators,
and moved on to expand her businesses successfully on a global level. Last year
she was head-hunted by GYB Canada to head up the London Business Board for
Now those who need more than the written word to clear out their emotional
closet and re-boot their lives can see Emma-Jane speak, watch her on TV or can
use her as their own personal mentor.
She is well aware there are many suffering in silence, and if we can speak up it
can help so many. This is her motivation for her YouTube channel which
interviews people from all walks of life, raising sometimes difficult subjects such
as mental health, eating disorders and addictions.
“The Emma Jane Taylor Show on YouTube gives me the freedom and
opportunity to dig deep and follow up much more with live chat forums on
social media and continually raise awareness,” she says.
This follows her stint on Oxford’s That’s TV.
“I hosted
The Wellbeing Show
for three years. I discovered a whole world of
people and understood a lot more about wellness,” she said.
Emma-Jane, who also has a retreat company called OceanWorks, has now
launched SHEnetWORKS Networking in Henley, London and Manchester this
year. She is also booked as a Keynote Speaker, including for a local celebration
of International Women’s Day this year.
She sees her role now is to ‘give back, ‘ but never more so than in her most
important job, as a mother to 10 year-old Betty-Mae. They have a close, open
relationships as Emma-Jane helps her daughter navigate the perils of growing
up in 2019.
“For me I think it is really important that we talk through with our children the
pros and cons of social media, and the most important thing is we continue
being kind and when our children are not, we take them to task.”
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