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Get the treatment you
need without the wait
Here’s some of the ways we can help you:
Pain diagnosis and treatment for hip, knee, back,
shoulder & elbow, hand & wrist, foot & ankle conditions
Hip and knee replacements
Cataract surgery
General surgery treatments e.g. hernia repair
Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
Tests and scans e.g. MRI, X-ray, CT and ultrasound.
for a full list of available treatments.
Want to see a private GP?
DOCTORnow are now running clinics here on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Your first GP appointment is available at a discounted price
of £67.50 when you book before 1st March 2019.
Simply quote code ‘CHR’
when you book.
Why choose Circle Reading Hospital?
When asked about their experience, 99% of patients said they would
recommend us to friends and family*. We offer a unique hospital experience
in the local area which makes you feel more like you’re stepping into a hotel.
See for yourself at
If you’re currently on a waiting list, or have already been considering private
healthcare, you can book yourself in to see a specialist quickly as a private
patient. If you’re paying for yourself, or using private medical insurance,
we could see you within days for an appointment. You can choose your
appointment time and the specialist you see for more choice and flexibility.
Our self-pay treatments cost less than you might think, too.
*Survey data published on the Private Healthcare Information Network. R19-1-001
It’s easy to book a consultation
0118 911 7805
or email
to find out how we can help you. Circle Reading Hospital,
100 Drake Way, Reading RG2 0NE |
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