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The Sue Ryder Southern Women of
Achievement Awards 2019 will recognise
incredible women. The fabulous black tie
celebration is being held at the Royal
Berkshire Conference Centre from 6.30pm to
midnight on Friday March 15.
The categories this year are:
The Invesco Business Award
Nominees will have demonstrated
achievement in business, whether by starting
and/or running their own business or paving
the way for other women as an employee
within an organisation.
They may have had to overcome obstacles on
the road to success, but whichever path they
have taken they will be innovators and
leaders inspiring others within their chosen
The Invesco Community Award
Nominees in this category will be women
who have made, and continue to make, an
outstanding contribution to their
This may be through volunteering,
campaigning, helping others, fundraising or
simply being the person everyone can count
on. These women go the extra mile to help
others and improve their local community.
Woman/Women of Achievement in Sport
Individual or team nominees will have
competed at the top of their field or inspired
others by breaking boundaries in the world
of sport.
They may also have used their talents to
coach and inspire others to achieve the best
of their ability.
Woman of Achievement in Public Service
We know that so many of our public servants
– whether nurses, police women, firefighters,
educators, women in the military or local
councillors – go above and beyond the call
of duty on a daily basis. This category
recognises their commitment to public
service and the difference they make.
The Robyn Jones Courage Award –
sponsored by CH&Co
Nominees will have shown courage and
determination in the face of adversity or
personal difficulties.
They will be an inspiration to others as a
result of their actions and/or attitude.
The Innovation Award
Nominees in this category will have
displayed outstanding fresh or creative
thinking and are not afraid to challenge
convention in order to bring about
improvements or introduce something new.
Mentor/Coach of the Year Award
Nominees will have helped shape the life or
experience of others through their guidance
and encouragement.
They could be involved in any field where
their personal dedication, expertise and
commitment have made a positive impact on
a person or people around them.
For further information on the gala evening
and to buy tickets to the prestigious event
which includes champagne reception, live
music and a three-course dinner with drinks
Sue Ryder
Women of Achievement Awards
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