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Ahead of the Henley Town Hall’s
architectural extravaganza
Henley Life
spoke to the organiser, Sarah Miller of the
Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA),
and an active member of Henley’s
What is the Henley RIBA design day?
The Henley Design Day is an ‘everything
under one roof’ showcase featuring local
architects, designers, interior designers
and landscapers.
It’s a FREE event open to anybody who
may be looking to speak to an architect or
designer about a new project be it a small
extension or something much larger.
Why should people attend?
People should come along if they wish to
speak to an architect about any potential
projects, even if it’s just an idea. They can
run it by a professional for their guidance.
This also applies to anybody who may
want to change their kitchen, we have
some amazing kitchen designers on
What will they see when they visit the
Henley Town Hall?
The Design Day is the only showcase for
architects and other design specialists in
the area – around 20 of them will be there,
so that’s a lot of concentrated creativity.
Many are local or know Henley well, so
they have a huge amount of local
knowledge and experience under one
Have you made an improvements or
changes to the Design Day from the
previous six years of running it?
The Henley Design Day is now in its seventh
year and each year we see more and more
people coming along. It’s the must attend
event for anybody thinking of any work to their
home or office space.
The only change we may make in the future is
finding a bigger venue, but for now we love
being in the centre of the town in the fabulous
Town Hall. I like to keep the (human) traffic in
the town so everybody benefits.
I’ve lived in this fabulous town all my life, I
can’t imagine living anywhere else. But we all
realise how expensive property can be and
many of us find the cost of moving far
outweighs the cost of an extension for that
additional bedroom or bathroom.
For that reason alone the Henley Design Day
can really help. It’s definitely worth popping
Henley Design Day: Saturday 23rd March 23
from 10am to 3.30pm at the Town Hall.
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